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Home » Samsung Reviews

Samsung Reviews.

The Samsung reviews below are from current or previous Samsung customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Samsung.

Number of reviews: 2
Coverage 3.00/5 3.0000 2
Call Quality 4.50/5 4.5000 0.5
Customer Service 2.50/5 2.5000 2.5
Cost Benefit 4.00/5 4.0000 1
Overall rating: 3.50/5 3.50000000 1.5

User Reviews and Comments:

On 06/11/2005, Robert Lott from Aiken, South Carolina wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 2   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 4
  I don't care for my service provider- T-Mobile, but I must say that I have been impressed by my Samsung e105. The phone is not the top of the line, but it does what it's supposed to and has a few surprises. The games are great. Ringtones are nice too, if you download them. The call quality and reception are good. Sometimes I will open my phone up and have a black display for a few seconds. There is alson a low humming or droning noise on the other line.
The biggest complaint though is the soung volume. In the car listening to music I will miss calls all the time because my phone is not loud. I listen to Country music, I don't need my radio loud but even when I am just talking to passengers I won't hear my phone ring. I have even tried to use the vibraing feature without success.

On 05/02/2005, Jason from Nichols, Florida wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 5   Customer Service: 4   Cost Benefit: 4
  I have the Samsung SCH-A670 through Verizon Wireless. I got the phone for free after rebates and I like a lot better than my previous LG phone. It's very light and the camera works really well.

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