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Nextel Reviews.

The Nextel reviews below are from current or previous Nextel customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Nextel.

Number of reviews: 10
Coverage 2.70/5 2.7000 2.3
Call Quality 2.40/5 2.4000 2.6
Customer Service 1.80/5 1.8000 3.2
Cost Benefit 2.00/5 2.0000 3
Overall rating: 2.23/5 2.22500000 2.775

User Reviews and Comments:

On 09/22/2006, Thomas Bowman Jr from Downingtown, Pennsylvania wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 3   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 1
  I am a small business that relies on my phone services as a major part of staying in business. I have now placed more than 70 calls and been put on hold for more than 35 hours. In the early part of 2006, I purchased a phone that was defective. This phone was put into the local nextel store for service 5 plus times and was traded for a rehabbed phone several times. After many calls and time I did receive a new phone that also was defective. Even though I was having all of these problems I opened a second account and this phone also was defective. this phone was put through the service company and was also switched for a rehabbed phone. Both phones have been in the shop 5 plus time each and still do not work properly. I spent 3 hours on the phone with nextel and finnally got to a rep that helped me and promised me 2 new phones and then shipped then to Florida and not PA.. Two months later I am still waiting for new phones and have to daily power my phone back on. As a contractor of home services I need to be available to answer and deal with homeowner emergencies. I estimate that nextel has cost me 2 to 3 thousand dollars in business, 35 plus hours of my time, and unnamable frustration and distress. It is an endless run around of being transferred and passed to another rep. I was even transfer to another client of nextel that claimed hundred of nextel client are constantly transfered to his phone. The same man claims to live and work in a missle silo in Texas and has also filed complaints of harrasment against Nextel. In the 35 plus hours I have spent to try to resolve these problema I have been transfer to missle silos, hung up on, transfer multiple times(and then disconnected), Got to where i need to be only to be told the computer are down and I will have to call back, and on and on we go... You have got to be kidding... I would leave nextel but it would cost me dearly in early termination, purchased equipment, and time served. I have gone as far as having my account noted that I am going to sue Nextel and still can't get the problems resolved. I have been with Nextel for more than 2 years and this company sucks... They pass the buck until you finnaly get to a rep that will help you and then you are put on hold and disconnected or transferred to a missle silo in Texas... You just can't give worse service unless you came to my house and punched me in the face. I cannot express how much you do not want to sign up with nextel... just surf the web and see all the complaints out there! I pay this company over 2 thousand dollars a year now and my phone have not worked correctly at all this year(8+ months), and looking back I can say that the phone and service have been bad since I joined over 2 years ago. I have stayed with Nextel because of the walkie talkie and free incoming calls, for the amount of lost business, bad service, defective products, and poor service I could be with some other company...

On 04/12/2006, Ben Montgomery Jr. from Detroit, Michigan wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 5   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 4   Cost Benefit: 5
  Their phones and service is one of the best!!! I had a Cingular, T-Mobile, and O Mobile phone and their service wasnt as good as Sprints is. One problem though is being in th dead zone where u hardly get service.

On 01/11/2006, Danielle Schuman from Riverside, California wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 0   Call Quality: 0   Customer Service: 0   Cost Benefit: 0
  Both my husband and I have had Nextel for 7 years and were happy with the service until the last 2 years. We are tired of the many dropped calls. He is an electrical contractor and his phone is an integral part of our company. We have noticed that in the last year especially there are alot of dead zones, that we've never seem to have had before. The straw that broke the camels back, was the fact he purchased 2 seperate phones within 6 months, the Motorola i265, which had a terrible sound quality. He equates it to sounding as if the person on the other end of the phone is underwater with their nose plugged. So he bought a second phone, the Motorola i560, the same poor sound quality again. So after a few hundred dollars, we had 2 crappy phones. I personally have a Motorola i730 and my sound quality is fine. But my phone is 2+ years old. I don't know if it's just the new phones Motorola is making for Nextel that has diminished in quality. I know others that have Motorola with Cingular & Verizon, and they don't have this problem. We pay about 230 for 3 phonelines with Nextel. I think their customer service is good, no complaints. Compared to what their customer service was 7-10 years ago, Nextel has come way ahead. The longest I've ever waited on the phone is 2-3 minutes. We've done our homework and are choosing Cingular. All of our out- of- state family have Cingular, as well as our friends. With Cingular we can get 4 phone lines for 150 before taxes. We have decided to go through a well established authorized dealer, so we don't call the Cingular 800 customer service numbers.(I've read others complaints on this website with Cingular, and believe it. I have customers who have Verizon, who say the same thing about their customer service.) Anyhow, we just go through our business agent, (much like an an auto insurance agent). If we order a new phone he can even bring it to our place of business. So I am hoping that we will be happy with Cingular. Because it's a real pain the neck to change cellular service providers especially when I'm going to have to pay out $400 in cancellations fees to Nextel. But my husband said not having dropped phone calls will be well worth it.

On 10/07/2005, Richard Estes from Everett, Washington wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 2
  Dated 10/06/2005;
After reading many reviews, my wife and I are really not surprized to find out that many people are unhappy with Cingular. Like most of the reviews, we were AT&T prior to the merge with Cingular Wireless; I will say one thing about the newer Cigular system, here in western Washington the coverage is better. But alas, like most of you out there, the quality of customer service and their billing system - well - it just plain sucks! Actually it sucks a big donkey dick. We too have had problems with the billing, and without repeating what others have stated, I will say that I have questioned as well with their customer service on some issues, like late charges, even though the bill does not specifically state a due date, but rather the words "due upon receipt" or something ridiculous. There has been times when a real live person will actually answer the phone within 5 minutes, and other times (and I actually timed this once) where I was put on hold for over 1 hour and almost 20 minutes. Remember this people; those are YOUR airtime minutes as far a Cingular is concerned, whereas AT&T did not charge you for customer assistance! I have other issues, but like I said I see that many others had the same problems so I will not repeat them.
There is one other situation that I got to tell here: we have the Sony Ericsson T616, and would like to upgrade to the model 800 or its' replacement the model 900. Cigular does not carry that model, in fact the models of Sony Ericsson that they do carry are NOT ANY BETTER THAN THE T616 models we have now! T-Mobile and others carry the better model(s) of Sony Ericsson, why not Cingular?
Could it be that they have a stake in stock with Motorola and other brands, therefore the dreaded discount game, adn consumers beware?
Our contract is coming up soon, and with all the problems we (and others) seem to have, I can henestly state that we will more than likely NOT be renewing with Cingualr.

On 08/16/2005, j Dasso from Altamonte Springs, Florida wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 1
  Worst customer service I ever experience.
Not honest business practices.
Coverage really bad.
My advice do not do business with this company.
I do not understand how Sprint is merging with a company like this I wonder if they are in the same note.

On 08/12/2005, Daveena Gussler from Kissimmee, Florida wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 1
  My company made all of us go to Nextel for the radio feature. Big mistake, phone service is the worst I have ever experienced. I have had cell phones for 20 years, mostly AT&T so I know what is normal.
I kept my At&T cell phone , now Cingular, good thing since I have to us it whenever I can't get a signal with Nextel.
The Nextel phone cuts off in the middle of a call at least 60% of the time.
When trying to make a call you may have to redial 10 times to get through.
The signal will be 4 bars, then no bars without even moving. ( I think their antannas are on tracker trailers moving around, why else would this happen).
All the employees hate Nextel but we are stuck with them because the company wants the radios.
They are so aggravating that I feel sure they are going to cause someone to either have a heart attack due to stress or a car wreak.
They try to blame the problems on a specific area of coverage but I travel around all the time and it's everywhere.

On 05/03/2005, DW from Taylorsville, New York wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 2
  My husband got this service because he needs a phone on his truck. His work can't contact him, I can't contact him, no one can!! I wish we heard the complaints we hear now from A LOT of people about Nextel, we would have never gotten the plan. We are definitely cancelling them. It's worth the money to get rid of a bad disease.

On 05/03/2005, Steve from Louisville, Kentucky wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 2
  The coverage is great around the Louisville area, but when I'm travelling it is not rare to go through some major dead zones. Even when there are competitors towers, Nextel often didn't get service. The call quality was decent until my phone broke. Occasional echo sound but generally good. The customer service has been poor. Fairly long wait time, but I'm used to that. The biggest problem is that they don't want to take care of existing customers. They offer fancy deals to get you in, but they won't work with you once you're in. My phone broke but I was hoping to stick with them for another year if they'd give me a new phone. "Only for new customers" they told me and tried to charge me $150 for a new phone EVEN THOUGH I was going to sign a new contract. Not that I'm bitter. :) I'm switching.

On 05/03/2005, Fred from Portsmouth, Rhode Island wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 3   Cost Benefit: 5
  I have been with Nextel for over a year now after switching from Verizon. As a contractor the Direct Connect is a must have. The Direct Connect works great and the free incoming minutes are a big bonus. The reception in RI is good overall but coverage in the Portsmouth area is weak. Nextel is the new kid on the block and coverage is improving but still does not match Verizon. However Verizon has been installing towers since the mid 80's and Nextel started in the mid 90's. A ten year headstart is hard to beat!

On 05/03/2005, Hector from Pembroke Pines, Florida wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 2   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 1
  Disappointed with the frequency of dropped calls and lack of DirectConnect service, especially in rainy weather. I work in Pompano Beach and there are more than a few weak spots where you have no signal at all. Nextel phones don't keep pace with the industry (unless you're into NASCAR, which I'm not) and their prices are too high. My wife and I pay $150/month for two phones and my mother-in-law in Tampa pays $55. I'm looking for reliable service for a reasonable price (who isn't??)!

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