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Home » Kyocera Reviews

Kyocera Reviews.

The Kyocera reviews below are from current or previous Kyocera customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Kyocera.

Number of reviews: 1
Coverage 3.00/5 3.0000 2
Call Quality 1.00/5 1.0000 4
Customer Service 1.00/5 1.0000 4
Cost Benefit 2.00/5 2.0000 3
Overall rating: 1.75/5 1.75000000 3.25

User Reviews and Comments:

On 06/13/2005, Betty from Bedford, Texas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 3   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 2
  walmart had ran out of T-Mobile phones so I tried this Virgin Mobile,
Kyocera (K-9) cell phone. I should have known from the package that it was a kiddie phone. The sound quality is very bad. I have to yell and constantly repeat myself because the caller cannot hear me, even when the signal is at full strength. When the volume is up to its fullest, the ring mode sounds are full of static and difficult to understand. I have to jump through alot of hoops to answer incomming calls if I forgot the keypad is locked and then miss calls. It has games,screen savers access to Internet, and a great little flashlight but all the extras wear down the battery and I have to recharge constantly. Many strangers call my phone because it was assigned to someone else (much wasted minutes). callers have told me that a message says that my phone is inactive when it is not. I have had it for two weeks and already the main button is peeling and the colors on the numbered buttons are fading. The minutes are .25cents for the first 10 minutes every day and 10 cents per minute thereafter.The lowest denominator phone card is $20.00-I will have to do much set-up on this kyocera as not to wear out the ok button which is the menu access into the dang thing. You get what you pay for

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