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Home » Cricket Communications Reviews

Cricket Communications Reviews.

The Cricket Communications reviews below are from current or previous Cricket Communications customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Cricket Communications.

Number of reviews: 7
Coverage 2.43/5 2.4286 2.5714
Call Quality 3.43/5 3.4286 1.5714
Customer Service 2.00/5 2.0000 3
Cost Benefit 3.29/5 3.2857 1.7143
Overall rating: 2.79/5 2.78571429 2.21428571

User Reviews and Comments:

On 08/18/2006, Sheri Williams from Omaha, Iowa wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 3
  I have just spent over 2 hours trying to contact a "live" person. This is practically impossible to do with Cricket! Plus, once you FINALLY do reach somebody, they just give you the "runaround". My husband has to keep replacing his phone, as they are also breaking. The coverage area is VERY limited in the Nebraska/Iowa area. After today, I don't think I'd take FREE service from Cricket if it was offered with the kind of customer service that they offer!!!

On 07/20/2006, Amy Balestra from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 5   Call Quality: 5   Customer Service: 5   Cost Benefit: 5
  I LOVE my Cricket phone! I NOW have 3 lines for my kids! I pay less for 3 lines than people I know pay for 1!!! Thank you Cricket! Love ya!!!!

On 06/03/2006, William Ridout from Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 5
  I have had Cricket service for about 4 years, and overall have been pleased. I have had service previously with 2 other major cellular companies and have had the best service and fewest problems with Cricket. For about $45.00 per month total, I got unlimited phone calls as long as I am in my home area. I also get 500 minutes a month of free long distance. I can NEVER go over on minutes, incurr unknown fees, or any roaming charges. The downside is that it doesn't work outside my home area. But since I talk on the phone about 4000 minutes a month, only $45.00 amonth, taxes and fees included, is a great deal.

I never lose a call on Cricket. Occasionally, a missed call will appear but the phone didn't ring, but not a major problem.

On 05/21/2006, Randy Lang from salt lake city, Utah wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 3
  I have an average of 5 dropped calls a day. Coverage is Salt Lake Valley is terrible!!! I also have given my credit card information to them several times, and each month they still shut off my phone for non-payment.... I go out of my way to let people know not to ever buy cricket phones and service... Absolute worst ever!

On 05/23/2005, Robert Crane from Salt Lake City, Utah wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 2   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 2
  I used use Cricket exclusively as my home phone and cell phone. Despite the nuisance of dropped calls I thought It was a great deal. I got 500 minutes a month free and my phone bill stayed around $45.00. I quit using cell service when VOIP became a more practical option.
Just before I moved I recieved a coupon from Cricket offering free activation. I thought great!, now I can have a cell while I move. I called for the reactivation and used their service for two months for $45.00. A pretty good deal- so I thought.
Apparently things at Cricket have changed. The disconnect process used to be accomplished by simply not paying your bill. Not any more. You have to spend a considerable amount of time wading through their VRU to disconnect or you keep racking up charges.
Not only this, that reactivation free they waved for the first month was added to the account the second month.
The Cricket represenative has assurred me that I will only have to pay a $20.00 reactivation fee and the other charges (about $70 will be dropped).
This definitely wasn't worth the hassle of a free month of service. Something to consider if you plan on re-established Cricket service for a short period of time.

On 05/03/2005, Brenda from Memphis, Tennessee wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 2   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 3
  I really just had to write an opinion on this phone service. I do not own a Cricket phone,and there's a very good reason.

I have many friends who jumped at the unlimited plan Cricket had to offer in Memphis for one low price. I have observed their frustrations and have been lucky enough to avoid doing the same.

Cricket offers 29.95 a month for unlimited calls. It actually ends up being about 40.00,if you want voice mail,and even more for call waiting and other options.

When a friend of mine got a Cricket phone,I was excited to be able to get in touch with this busy person no matter where she was in the city.
It soon became obvious that Cricket is a joke.
Nine times out of the ten I would call her,I would immediately be sent to voice mail. When she could get her phone to actually send a call through, she would say her phone had been on the entire time.

I have to know,no matter how little you're paying,what kind of convenience is that supposed to be? The phones Cricket offers have terrible batteries,the phone takes all night to charge and about an hour off the charger to be dead for the day. You can barely understand what the Cricket caller is saying because the reception is so bad.
This friend of mine finally cut her service off,frustrated with the customer service and the service in general.

On 05/03/2005, Brett from Spokane, Washington wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 3   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 2
  When I activated my Cricket phone, I was told by the csr that if I paid monthly by credit card, they would give me a $55 credit toward my monthly bills. I gave the rep my card info and he said all was well. Two weeks later I get a paper bill from Cricket for the amount of $67. plus 55 cents for them mailing the bill. When I called the csr's at the help desk they said they had no credit card info on their computer screens. I was told there was nothing they could do. I asked to talk to their manager who came eventually. He said that it was too bad and actually accused me of lying about what the first csr did. Then he said there was no way to find out who it was. Finally he offered to disconnect service. This would cost me $130 (phone) plus $67 (first bill) plus $150 for cancellation of service contract. $347! I had used the phone 20 days.

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