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Cingular Wireless Reviews.

The Cingular Wireless reviews below are from current or previous Cingular Wireless customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Cingular Wireless.

Number of reviews: 34
Coverage 2.68/5 2.6765 2.3235
Call Quality 2.53/5 2.5294 2.4706
Customer Service 2.41/5 2.4118 2.5882
Cost Benefit 2.35/5 2.3529 2.6471
Overall rating: 2.49/5 2.49264706 2.50735294

User Reviews and Comments:

On 12/11/2005, Ray McMullen from Bethany, Louisiana wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 2   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 4   Cost Benefit: 3
  Before AT&T was taken over by Cingular had very good phone service. Now it is fair at best. Not long after take over, the towers which supply my home were dropped or somehow changed. Was told would have to switch over to Cingular phones to get a quality service back. Right, cost several hundred dollars to gets family plans moved over. Guess what, you are correct, service still sucks. One minute may have a full set of power bars, the next none and call with be dropped or not even able to dial out. Service seems to be going down hill in lieu of becoming better.
All of that on the heels of Cingular's statement that we would not see any change due to the take over. Well so much for that.
Cell phones are depended to help produce income, as our group is on 24/7 call and feel inscure that all call sent are not received. Also, if a call is missed and phone is not able to received it never shows up. Only missed calls that are actually is connected to the tower are shown as missed. It will take a message if someone wishes to leave one, and when pass thru a town with a good tower, will come thru just like just received.

Sure miss AT&T and hope someday to again have quality cellular service that is dependable and let one feel secure with the ability to know that they are receiving calls and can feel secure that when one wishes to make a call that the phone will actually connect to a tower.

Had tried other carriers before settling on AT & T and had found that they were the only company that gave reliable service where I live, now that is gone with the wind.


On 11/17/2005, Tonya Applegate from Riverdale, Georgia wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 2   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 2
  I was a happy and loyal AT&T wireless customer until the merger with Cingular wireless. When I was with AT%T I never had any dropped calls and now my phone has at least about four or five dropped calls a day. I called the customer service at Cingular and they sent me a replacement phone which wasn't any better. I just called them today and they say that it is a network problem and they don't know when it will be resolved. I am a college student and I need a dependable phone so that I can call my parents.

On 10/16/2005, Douglas Johnson from Kennewick, Washington wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 1
  After six months of inconsistent service including dropped calls, rapid busy signals, "all circuits are busy", and variable signal levels even when stationary (from 0 to 5 bars), I decided it was time to quit and find a new cell phone company. After doing some research, I switched to Verizon. I am now able to make/receive calls in areas where my cingular did not work. Cingular claims to be "raising the bar". I feel it's more about "raising your blood pressure and stress level". If you haven't signed a contract with Cingular, I recommend you don't.

On 09/14/2005, Jane McMaster from Austin, Texas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 1
  We were once very happy AT&T users and became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality from Cingular. While we were assured by Cingular that nothing had changed in our area, we went ahead and switched to Verizon. Our frustration forced us to terminate our contract. We would be more than happy to participate in a class action suit.

On 09/14/2005, Josh Simon from Lawrence, Kansas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 5   Call Quality: 5   Customer Service: 5   Cost Benefit: 5
  Cingular is awesome. I have been a Cingular customer for over a year now and have never had a problem. Service and coverage are way beyond expectations and Cingular offers the best phones. Verizon is the worst phone company ever. Very incompetent and dropped calls in Lawrence all the time. I mean come on, Lawrence is huge. Cingular is top notch and they will remain number one because they stirve at being number one.

On 09/13/2005, Tanya McKim from McKinney, Texas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 2   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 4
  This has got to the single most frustrating experience I have ever had. AT&T/Cingular have lost 2 payments made on my account.I have faxed in copies of my bank statements, called my bank at least twice and talked with more representatives than I can count in the last 3 months to no avail. I have since been turned over to a collection agency, which has been another huge fiasco. Why in the world is it so hard for a company to track someones payment? You would think it would not take 3 months to resolve an issue. If it should turn up that a payment was missed on my part, I will make things right, but for a company to lose my money and not be able to tell me where it went, is unacceptable. All I want is proof (in writing) where my payments went.

On 08/29/2005, Josh Simon from Lawrence, Kansas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 5   Call Quality: 5   Customer Service: 5   Cost Benefit: 5
  Cingular Rocks. I travel all the time and I never have any dropped calls. Cingular has the best phones because they are ahead of the game. I used to have Verizon Wireless and dropped calls in the city all the time. I mean, come on. Can't their service be any better. Cingular is awesome and they will stay that way. They are top dog now that they merged with At&T.

On 08/13/2005, Carolyn McVicker from Mountain Home AR, wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 0   Call Quality: 0   Customer Service: 0   Cost Benefit: 0
  Motorola Model T720-very disappointing. Bought a new charger l3 months after getting phone-front of phone soon after burned out, only have a black spot on cover. Changed ringer itself. Seems to have a mind of its own. Does not always charge. Very undependable.

On 07/27/2005, p from Houston, Texas wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 1
  I switched from AT&T to Cingular and for two months was paying my Cingular bill when my phone is cut off. When I call Cingular and ask them why they tell me that my account balance is 0 and I need to talk to AT&T, well some kind of way Cingular and AT&T were both charging me for the same service for the last two months but I was only recieving one statement. Now they expect me to pay 200 to get my phone turned back on - they suck.

On 07/11/2005, Jennifer from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 3   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 1
  I was with AT&T before the merger and was pretty upset with them for one main reason; I had a snooping family member that was always getting into my account and giving me grief about my plan and those I chose to put under my plan with me. So I put a password protect on it but they kept allowing unauthorized access to this person. Now that I am with cingular they have continued to do the same thing, now its been 5 times my account has been accessed by someone who didn't give the password! Not only that, when I was with AT&T and I went home for the summer they suspended my line for $10 a month; cingular doesn't do that. Oh they'll suspend your line, but they don't tell you that they will still charge you the regular monthly bill for it! I found that out the hard way. So I've been writting and calling them about this but they won't help me one little bit. I've went all the way to the office of the President and still they ignore me. They've turned off my phone in spite of all the notes on my account saying I'm disputing the charges and not to cancel the line yet, and in addition they have added on the regular plan price for an entire billing cycle for the time in which my phone was shut off! I am fuming mad about this, and am trying to get as many people together as I can to get the media's attention and blow open the dark side of cingular wireless so that everyone will know before they decide to sign up with them. My email address is vegas_fiancee@yahoo.com for all of you who are fed up and disgusted with cingular wireless.

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