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Cellular One Reviews.

The Cellular One reviews below are from current or previous Cellular One customers. None of the individuals who wrote a review have been paid to endorse Cellular One.

Number of reviews: 5
Coverage 2.60/5 2.6000 2.4
Call Quality 2.80/5 2.8000 2.2
Customer Service 2.40/5 2.4000 2.6
Cost Benefit 3.00/5 3.0000 2
Overall rating: 2.70/5 2.70000000 2.3

User Reviews and Comments:

On 12/27/2006, Travis from Rogers City, Michigan wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 5   Cost Benefit: 5
  In Northern Michigan Cellular One is the best. They have the absolute best coverage, and call quality. I used to have Alltel but they seriously lacked some well needed coverage. So obviously switched, it was the best thing I did (in terms of cellular providers)

On 03/29/2006, Candice from Jenkins, wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 4   Call Quality: 4   Customer Service: 2   Cost Benefit: 1
  This company sucks when it comes to replacing damaged phones. I paid retail on a phone that worked for 2 weeks, it quits working, and is sent for repairs. Comes back saying they can't fix it because of liquid damage. It never was even outside except between the store and ride home. Now, I am expected to replace the phone at retail again when it only worked 2 weeks in the first place.

On 08/21/2005, Amy from Youngstown, Ohio wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 1   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 4

On 05/03/2005, Alex from Hudson, New York wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 3   Call Quality: 3   Customer Service: 3   Cost Benefit: 3
  CellularOne is a franchise and they are not all connected. People who use CellularOne in NY's Hudson Valley and people that use CellularOne in most other places are dealing with different companies?

I am a dealer in NY's Hudson Valley and have been for about 10 years and have worked for about 9 different companies.

In my area CellularOne has far superior service than the competition and we also offer the best pricing and promotions on phones and equipment.

The CellularOne I am associated with it owned by Dobson Communications (DCEL) and AT&T (AWE) in a partnership.

On 05/03/2005, Devin Clark from Boston, Massachusetts wrote:
Rating: Coverage: 1   Call Quality: 2   Customer Service: 1   Cost Benefit: 2
  In as few words as I can get out. Cellular One has actually committed fraud. An office in my area signed my initials to a 2 year contract after I only agreed to 1 year. Luckily I am a pack rat & had the original,so when I was talking to the customer service people, if you can call them that, I was told I was in a 2 yr contract, so I had them fax a copy to me....low & behold I had a copy of my contract with totally different writing. Anyway I decided to just forget it, as they canceled me out of the contract altogether, & they said they would fire the employee that had done this...guess what they didn't. I had no choice in the area I live, Cell One is it. I travel alot & have to a cell phone. Well this spring it got worse. They switched to GSM with only 1 tower to cover it...needless to say my 100 dollars a month (for me & my husband) gets appr. 300 to 400 minutes a month if we are lucky...we have unlimited....The moral of my story I am now in the throws of getting out of contract without paying any of those disconnect fees. Those are so bogus..We are able to get another carrier at last.

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